About Us

The award-winning kunst-stoff GmbH is an independent game developer and producer based in Berlin.

We work for hire or we develop new games with original IPs for PC/Mac, console and mobile platforms for the international market. kunst-stoff also produces interactive exhibits for clients in the industrial and cultural fields and is active in the development of new technology.

Here is a selected list of our clients:


In the section of games we cover:

Interactive Installations, Serious Games, Gamification, Transmedia, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

Our service provides:

  • Conception (game design, transmedia/crossmedia projects),
  • storytelling and dramaturgy,
  • mentoring,
  • coding: C++, HTML5,
  • design: 2D, 3D,
  • 2D- and 3D-animation,
  • illustration,
  • project handling

Our Idea

Our idea of quality is closely linked to socially responsible business conduct. We appreciate the active participation of employees in company decisions. kunst-stoff benefits from this interdisciplinary expertise and can therefore produce high quality and well designed products that are optimally adapted to market conditions.

kunst-stoff’s mission is to produce games with a high conceptual and artistic value.

Our History

kunst-stoff has a humble origin: in 2008, kunst-stoff was a composite of freelancers, working together on interactive games and exhibits for clients from the cultural and industrial fields. Then a prize was won, Patrick Rau received the Hamburger Games Award for the concept “Bahn Frei”. This was a conceptual proposal for an educational game about traffic rules. After nearly two years searching for financing for the award-winning game, the Media Board Berlin-Brandenburg stepped in with the neccessary funds for the development of a game prototype.

In 2007, with this funding in hand, the game concept was developed and a PC prototype was built. That same year, we were invited to develop the concept at the Academy of Childrens’ Media. Around this time there was a games industry meeting in London, where contact was made with the renowned publisher Ubisoft. A few days later we sent the game concept, now being developed under the title “The Troublemakers,” to Ubisoft. On the evening of same day we were invited to the presentation of the prototype at Ubisoft in Paris.

A few days later we made a presentation beneath the stars of “Ravin ‘Rabbids”: Ubisoft wanted our game. After several months of negotiations, in September 2008, production for the international market began, with the new title “Galaxy Racers”. With the help of a loan, the company was officialy established and the team was complemented with new employees and freelancers. In addition, we moved to larger premises in the Josetti-Hoefe at Jannowitzbrücke.

Also in 2008, Galaxy Racers was awarded as the Best Children’s Media Project by the Academy of Children’s Media (promotion award by the Central German Media Fund MDM). “Galaxy Racers” was released in the summer of 2010 in the international market.

In December 2010 we had the great honor to receive the German Developer Award in the category “Best Children’s Game 2010″.

Since 2009 we work in parallel in the development of other game and interactive exhibition projects, including an adventure learning game and an Augmented Reality project for the Nintendo DS, both again with the support of a package of Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

Our own production “The Great Jitters: Pudding Panic“, available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad since June 7th, for Mac/PC since August 17th, 2011, and for Linux since April 2012, has been financed by the Investment Bank Berlin and prototyped with the support given by the medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

This game was a huge success for us.

Today we can look back at years of developing games. We’ve been working with various global players and are always busy creating new games.